Building adaptive and resilient organisations through organisational learning enablement.


Environments are increasingly complex and change increasingly rapid. Becoming a learning organisation can help an organisation effectively respond to change.

Are you a learning organisation?

What is a learning organisation?
In short, a learning organisation is one which responds to changes in its environment, and the risks or opportunities that presents, with an appropriate behavioural response, but done at scale.

What does a learning organisation look like?
A learning organisation is one that embodies continuous improvement at a grass-roots level. It moves beyond content-driven modalities.
It is one that leverages its people and processes effectively, and efficiently, whilst retaining a critical element of flexibility and openness, to allow for lessons to be learned and activities to continually evolve.
It is a human-centric and believes that only people are key indicators for business success. Communication is open and transparent and political realities are recognised but not accepted as a given.
It is a sustainable organisation that is resilient in the face of increasing uncertainty.

What is the benefit?
An organisation that truly learns can become more responsive, sustainable and resilient and ultimately to achieve their strategic aims.
It also acts as a checking mechanism to ensure that strategic aims meet social and environmental criteria as well as purely economic ones.

How can we help?
A Human Experience is an independent consulting company that helps support learning organisations throughout the operational and/or project lifecycle, through a range of consulting and analysis services that help connect an organisation more effectively with its internal and external stakeholders, create better communicative dynamics, and enable change and learning to happen at pace, and at scale.

Enabling organisational responsiveness by addressing human concerns

‘Change is the only constant’. Almost true. Change is continual, but people’s readiness for any given change is still conditional on numerous factors, which are often complex and ambiguous.

A Human Experience supports and enables effective behavioural and procedural change through established best practice methodologies, in order to deliver upon strategic objectives, without leaving the people delivering on the objectives behind in the process.

Designing meaningful experiences to change behaviour and attitudes

Human experiences are the core part of any business.
Understanding these experiences is a key part of how organisations can become more responsive, and also is a driver to the effective design of activities that aim to change, replace or supplement these experiences in some way.

A Human Experience has a full spectrum of experience services, to meet whatever needs you have at the heart of your business, from analysis, through to design, delivery and implementation.

Developing organisational resilience through sustainable business practice

Ultimately, no matter how well you design and deliver projects and program, organisational constraints will always be present.
Understanding those constraints and removing organisational roadblocks and identifying if a strategy is sustainable is critical to delivering on strategic aims.

A Human Experience can assist in sense-making and investigation into your organisational makeup and assist you in your journey towards becoming a true learning organisation.

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