Welcome to… A Human Experience.

Welcome to A Human Experience!

I’m so happy you could join me on the next step in my journey. I hope you can join me in the future, as I explore and develop the concepts around the Human Experience and all things people-oriented.

I’ve begun this journey as a two-fold exercise. Firstly as a potential resource to help others in their own journey’s, secondly to aid myself in thinking through the very complex learning, growth and performance landscape we find ourselves in in the 21st Century!

Throughout my blogs I will attempt to draw upon the established science, but also put out there some perhaps contentious viewpoints, all ideally with the goal of generating some discussion, reflection and perhaps even some growth!

So what is A Human Experience?

For me, A Human Experience (at this time of writing) is: How to create meaningful working experiences, through personal and professional growth, exploration, communication, reflection and collaboration. It is my personal belief that these only come about through an inherently cross-disciplinary and longitudinal process.

Ultimately my goal is to help us all (as organisations or individuals) become more centred on the human experiences that make up our daily lives, by acknowledging the myriad of impact factors that contribute, or conversely get in the way of people being engaged, satisfied, fulfilled, competent, and ultimately to perform.

My personal observation is that I’ve seen too often that, despite the best intentions, we often design interventions in quite a narrow way, that often miss really important insights that could have really made a difference.

Be it a learning intervention, a performance review, recruitment or talent retention, or strategy formation and planning, we often have no choice but to be reductionist, as we as human beings are inherently not very good at dealing with complexity, and often are working in time-poor, reactive environment. These are the realities we are dealing with, but conversely must come to terms with and overcome!

It takes time, significant effort, motivation, communication & collaboration with others. (or conversely to be left alone for a bit!), to grow and perform. I think this applies to me also. SO here goes! I look forward to growing and developing further with you all!

A Human Experience logo, based upon Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man is an epitome for what a Human Experience is all about. It is about the synthesis of science and the arts and how humans can ultimately take different forms and behaviours, depending on their will to do so.

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