One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

Getting under the skin of the learning experience landscape for the last 15 years


A Human Experience is founded by Sam Allsopp who has around 15 years global experience in the learning and development field in both the UK and China.

Born into an educational family, Sam began his own journey as languages and communication skills teacher, then moving on to lead and manage number of training and content development and learning product design teams. More recently working on large projects and business change programs.

Sam is highly proficient in the areas of learning experience and learning product design, learning solutions consulting, project management and learning management & leadership.

More recently he has been working in the wider performance consulting and human experiences space, as he saw that learning is often disconnected from the human experiences that take place on the ground. This impacts learning effectivity at point of need, and ultimately performance.
To this end founded A Human Experience in order to help organisations be better places to develop, grow and perform, by adopting an approach that is holistic and cross-disciplinary and that recognises the inherent ‘human’ factors that really can drive performance, engagement and learning both at an individual and organisational level.

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