Learning Culture

Explores all things learning culture.

What is a Learning Culture?

What is a learning culture and what’s it got to do with business change? Change as the new norm requires organisational agility, an ability to capitalise on opportunities, deal with challenges, and disrupt rather than be disrupted…. This is what we talk about in the business change world in terms of internal capability and change …

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Organisational Learning and the Structural Fallacy

In a previous article I wrote about some of the things we could potentially do to overcome our ‘L&D Uncertainty Paradox’, to take the first steps towards moving beyond just the ‘training’ landscape into a wider future, there were six points that I pulled out, namely; Broaden our data sets of both inputs and expected …

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The L&D Uncertainty Paradox

I was listening to the excellent L&D podcast episode 35 earlier yesterday and the conversation taking place with David James and James Poletyllo on his article around L&D sleepwalking to extinction, both were navigating a conceptually difficult landscape. What was mentioned in the podcast was that in the act of analysing a customer request in …

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