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What is a Learning Culture?

I wrote an article for a client company recently on learning culture and business change, I thought I’d reshare it here as it ties in quite nicely as an intro to a sequence of work I’ve been ruminating on around culture, learning organisations and the overall organisational culture landscape, which I’ll release more on in …

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Organisational Learning and the Structural Fallacy

In a previous article I wrote about some of the things we could potentially do to overcome our ‘L&D Uncertainty Paradox’, to take the first steps towards moving beyond just the ‘training’ landscape into a wider future, there were six points that I pulled out, namely; Broaden our data sets of both inputs and expected …

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The L&D Uncertainty Paradox

I was listening to the excellent L&D podcast episode 35 earlier yesterday and the conversation taking place with David James and James Poletyllo on his article around L&D sleepwalking to extinction, both were navigating a conceptually difficult landscape. What was mentioned in the podcast was that in the act of analysing a customer request in …

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